Local women in modeling industry warning others about suspicious photographer

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Two Chattanooga women in the modeling industry say it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with a man they describe as a suspicious photographer.

The photographer has not been charged with a crime so WDEF has made the decision not to publish his name or picture.

Professional Chattanooga model and make up artist Lacy Logan and another makeup artist  in the modeling industry identified as Michelle both say a man claiming to be a photographer contacted them through ModelMayhem.com. They told WDEF he asked them separately if they would be make-up artist for a shoot involving a Chattanooga teenager named Maddie.

"I asked him where he wants to meet this girl and then suddenly he said he couldn’t get in contact with her. But I think she wants you to meet her at her house,"Logan said.

That was red flag number one. The second red flag was raised when the man reportedly told Michelle the same story.

"I’m sure he did not plan on these two random girls knowing each other," said Logan’s manager Dave Luther.

Michelle and Logan both told WDEF the man gave them conflicting answered to the question of where he was from.

"He told me he was from Alabama. He told her he was from somewhere in Georgia," Logan said.

WDEF tracked the man back to Jasper Georgia. As for the 17-year old girl named Maddie whom he was supposed to shoot photo’s of, Logan has her doubts.

"She could have just been a decoy to get me and Michelle to come out there," Logan said.

WDEF checked a Facebook link he sent Michelle about Maddie. She does exist and she lives in Chattanooga; except her Facebook page describes her as a married woman and not a teenager.

Logan provided a text message from the man which described what he really want her to do since Maddie was no longer available. pictures of women in lingerie were attached to the message.

"He was wanting me to do like lingerie stuff. It was girl in lingerie playing with rolling pins and flour," Logan said.

Logan and her manager say another red flag was raised when they discovered, this so-called photographer was advertising on Craigslist.

"It was like Chattanooga, Birmingham, Knoxville, Nashville and Atlanta. After the incident went down with me and Michelle, he took down the one for Chattanooga but I noticed the other ones are still posted," Logan said.

WDEF found a phone number the man posted on two websites. 

He did denied the women’s claims. When asked about "Maddie," he said he contacted her through Facebook about doing a shoot in formal clothing. He told WDEF she was 17 but he was surprised when we told him her Facebook page described her as a married woman.

An examination of two of his social websites for modeling revealed nude pictures and pornographic models. When asked about it, he said some of the pictures were given to him to do retouching and enhancements. But he also admitted that some of the photo’s were taken by him.

The man admitted to WDEF that he’s not a professional photographer but like to do do photography on the side.

When WDEF first examined his Model Mayhem page, almost every model that was described as a friend answered yes to question about shooting nudes. Hours later, his Model Mayhem page was re-edited with different information and no nude pictures.

WDEF reached out to director Jana Lind of Ambiance Talent Agency. Lind said every girl or woman aspiring to become a model should know the right way to go about it dealing with photographer and talent agencies.

"Make sure it’s a reputable company. Do your research. Get references Bring a friend. If you’re under age, bring a parent."

Experts say that advice could be the difference between life and death.

WDEF also reached out to officials at an Atlanta talent agency in which the man has some affiliation with. A woman who answered the phone told WDEF she was shocked after hearing about the allegations. She also said her agency would look into the claims and do a through investigation into the screen shots and text messages that were associated with the man in question.

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