Locals schools getting prepared for tornado season

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WDEF) – March through May is considered to be prime Tornado season for southern states.

Nashville was struck right at the very beginning of the season.

So, how prepared are local schools? Are they doing tornado drills?

“When you have a tornado drill. You are required to have spotters that go to certain parts of the building that go outside and are looking in the air, to see where the danger is coming from. Then, you have inside the teachers. They are responsible for getting their students to secure areas, usually into the most central area in the building, which has the best support,”says Doug Moore, Director of Student Services.

During a tornado drill or real life situation students will place their backs against the a brick wall, sit cross legged while using a hard cover book to protect their head.

Officials say a school complexes could actually be safer than any other building.

“During severe weather like that, a school structure is much more sound than a typical single story home with no basement. It can within stand more. It is actually safer in that regard,” says Scotty Hernandez, School safety/security director for Bradley County Schools.

Director of student services says tornado season hits home for this county and they take being prepared very seriously.

“It is in the conversation. With our history and knowing kinda what we went through. We talk and we are sending out emails but everyone know as about it. Our principals know about it. We know we need to be vigilant,”says Moore.

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