Locals in Super Bowl commercial

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Most people watch the Super Bowl for three reasons.

The game, the half-time show, and the commercials, of course!

Companies know lots of people watch the game, so they spend a lot of money creating eye-catching, buzzworthy spots and they normally don’t disappoint.

For a few locals, they’re getting their time in the spotlight and will be pulling into the break of the NFL’s biggest night of the year.

You’ve probably already seen the commercials of local Volkswagen Chattanooga employees telling you their story and taking you behind the scenes of their life and their job.

The ads have been airing on TV for the past couple months.

Brittany Mule is one of the employees who were featured.

“Everybody was like, you did great. It was amazing. They couldn’t have picked anybody better. So I was super excited about that,” Mule said.

What might be even more exciting is that these car creators will be showcased in a 60 second spot among what’s always been the best of the best TV ads: NFL Super Bowl commercials.

“I never imagined this. This is truly a blessing,” Chris Marshall said.

“Lucky that my story is now, you know, captured and will forever be in the Volkswagen family of commercials. That’s such a unique honor,” Ben Johnson said.

At the start, Brittany, Chris, Ben and Tim Reid were nominated and went through an interview process before being selected to be in the commercials.

Then, it took a few days to get it shot.

“They picked out our clothes and our wardrobe, and so that was different. I really was excited and felt special,” Mule said.

Only recently did they find out they’d get to see themselves during the Super Bowl.

“To see myself in the commercial, I say I’ll just be overwhelmed with happiness you know. Just speechless. My mouth might drop,” Reid said.

“It takes a village,” Johnson said. “My mom always says it takes a village to get stuff done and it takes a, you know there’s 3500 of us down there, and we have these unique backgrounds, stories and skills.”

Volkswagen Chattanooga Senior Vice President of HR Burkhard Ulrich said that he hopes people who watch the ad see that Volkswagen is much more than a just a car.

“When I look at the commercials which was shown a couple weeks ago. It really makes me shiver when I look at them and gives me some goosebumps, because it’s our employees,” Ulrich said.

The commercial will air regionally during the second half of the super bowl.

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