Longtime Cleveland resident receives free roof

Local roofing company, Facebook community behind the gift

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — Clevelanders helping Clevelanders could be seen as one of the city’s local companies came to the aid of one of its longest-tenured residents.

Rivco Owner Alex Rivera and his men got to work early installing a brand-new roof on the home of 90-year-old Margaret Leamon — a member of the Cleveland community for more than 70 years.

The cost? Absolutely nothing.

The roof was installed completely free of charge.

“I inspected the roof and she definitely needed a brand-new roof on her home,” Rivera said. “The granite on all the shingles were totally gone. There were some pieces of the shingles missing from being so fragile and the wind hitting them.

Rivera volunteered Rivco’s services to the local Facebook group, “What’s Happening in Cleveland Tennessee.” — an online community “dedicated to kindness and neighborliness” with a seeming obsession to give back anything to better the lives of locals in need.

Rob Alderman, the founder of the Facebook group, said the group has already gifted several things to those in the Cleveland community.

“We give away everything from dinner for two for Valentine’s Day to we gave away a car for a needy family,” Alderman said. “We gave away a year’s worth of health care [to] a needy family through a local health care provider.”

A new roof can now be added to the group’s extensive list.

Leamon became the community’s latest giveaway winner after her daughter-in-law submitted her name online in a pool of thousands.

The longtime resident said it was nothing short of a blessing.

“I appreciate them out there,” Leamon said. “I really do because I would’ve never been able to put another roof on it.”

Mrs. Leamon is incredibly grateful for Rivco and the new roof.

She said that when the time is right, she’s getting her grandson to help her build a porch.

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