Lookout Mountain’s version of Groundhog Day

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Georgia (WDEF) – Our area may not have a weather-predicting groundhog of its own, but today, Lookout Mountain got the next best thing.

The city of Lookout Mountain, Georgia and Rock City partnered to bring the kids of Fairyland Elementary something special.

Earlier this morning, they began the tradition of Groundhog Day for the students, hosting an interactive event that left kids and faculty happy.

Mayor David Bennett and Vice Mayor Arch Willingham participated in the event and taught the kids about local officials.

Rocky, the Rock City Mascot, also made an appearance as a rather convincing groundhog.

Fairyland Elementary Dr. Lisa Edwards Principal told us, “I think the kids had a great time. I think it was really age appropriate for our early learners. I think any time they can see someone dressed up in characters and fun and nursery rhymes, I think they’re all in with that.”

Fairyland and Rock City are excited for future partnerships and the opportunity for more community events.


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