Lookout Valley Elementary teacher Kaitlyn Rhoden wins our Golden Apple Award

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Kaitlyn Rhoden’s work with Special Education students at Lookout Valley Elementary earns her this week’s Golden Apple Award.

Kaitlyn Rhoden knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl.

But while she was in college, she decided that she wanted to teach kids in special education.

She’s never regretted her decision, and says the students give her more than she gives them.

Let’s head to Lookout Valley elementary school to meet this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Ms Rhoden, on the behalf of food city and news channel 12 I would like to present to you with this weeks Golden Apple award. We are very proud of you. Thank you. (APPLAUSE)

Nikki: Miss Kaitlyn is very used a very patient and loving teacher who make sure she gives her best to her kids. She goes above and beyond, she spends her own money and extra time… to make sure her kids get what they need and what they deserve.

“Show me this one. Remember to match the color.”

Kaitlyn: I teach Special Ed and I just, when I was in college something just switched and I didn’t want to be an elementary school teacher anymore. I want it to be a Special Ed teacher and I’veI been pleased with the decision every day.

“Thank you. What goes here?”

Kaitlyn: I say that the kids blessed me every day and I learn more from them than they learn from me; I’m sure. And… I think I think every job is hard but every job has its benefits. And the benefits of this job outweigh the things that I do every day.

“Do you want to color Patrick? OK let’s color him.”

Krista: It’s a little bit more difficult for them. Some of them don’t speak. Some of them don’t have words. When they are upset she is upset. When they are happy she’s happy. She celebrates there successes and cries with them I needed they are frustrated. She is a good friend. She’s always, she’s going to be a great teacher for those the rest of her life. She’s always going to love them.

“What is this on? Whoa put the blue back on.”

Kaitlyn: My students all attend general education every day; related Parks call mom breakfast and recess with their peers. And I just think that students can teach other students more than any adult can teach students. A lot of them I feel like will be independent adults. A lot of them have communication devices. And I think as they grow and learn to express their wants and needs they can do anything they set their minds to.

To view other winners of the award or to nominate a teacher you feel has gone above and beyond in helping students, visit the News 12 Now Golden Apple page.

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