Lookout Valley man arrested for stabbing incident

LOOKOUT VALLEY, Tennessee(WDEF) – An argument inside a Lookout Valley home ends with one person stabbed and another person in jail.

James Fletcher, 33, has been charged with one count of aggravated assault after police say he stabbed another man during a heated argument.

The incident reportedly happened shortly after 1 AM inside Fletcher’s home which is located in the 100 block of Dowers Road.

According to police, Fletcher told officers he got into an argument with the victim and grabbed a knife before the victim was going to try to fight him.

Fletcher reportedly told police that during the fight, he cut the victim in the stomach and that the victim left the house in a van.

Fletcher also reportedly told police he didn’t know where he put the knife so while officers were searching the property, they found a rifle in some bushes which they believe was used during the altercation.

WDEF spoke to a nearby neighbor who said Fletcher showed up at her doorstep covered in blood.

The neighbor agreed to talk to WDEF as long as we didn’t reveal her identity.

"Approximately sometime after 1 AM, my Fletcher came over to the house and was banging on the door which alerted my dogs. I told my husband to see what’s going on. He came outside and spoke with Fletcher. Fletcher told my husband that he pulled a gun on one of his friends and the two got into an argument over something. He told my husband the friend took the gun and beat him with it so Fletcher said he stabbed him," she said

The neighbor went on to say she and her husband would not let Fletcher in the house but that her husband told her to call police.

"When the police showed up, he walked into the middle of the road and surrendered," she said.

The neighbor also told WDEF that Fletcher didn’t appear to be in his right frame of mind when he initially banged on the door to let them know what happened.

"He was either drunk or on something. It was obviously not the neighbor we knew," she said.

She went on to say she heard him crying on the the porch.

"It was  easy to see that his face was badly beaten so my husband brought him a white towel to  let him wipe the blood off his face. There was blood all over the place" she said.

WDEF asked her if Fletcher was a quiet neighbor.

"No. He’s younger so he’s had parties at his house. I would never expect this from him," the neighbor said.

WDEF also asked the neighbor if she heard any gunshots since police recovered a rifle at the scene.

"I did. I heard it prior to him coming over here," she said.

WDEF asked the neighbor if police told her anything about the scene.

"The police said it all happened inside the house. The door was kicked in so obviously something happened there," she said.

Fletcher remains in the Hamilton County jail on a $25,000 bond.

As for the victim, police say he required surgery once he arrived at the hospital. There is no word on his current condition.

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