Lookouts AT&T Field Now Among Oldest Parks in the Southern League

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Chattanooga Lookouts general manager Rich Mozingo jokes that a few Lookouts fans still refer to AT&T Field as the new ballpark.
It opened in 2,000, and while the stadium may not show its age, only two parks in the Southern League are older than AT&T Field.
Jackson and Mobile opened their parks before Chattanooga, while Tennessee opened their stadium the same year as the Lookouts.
The home of the Lookouts has seen a few upgrades from its downtown location, and Mozingo wouldn’t mind seeing a few more.
Said Mozingo:”Basically the stadium itself really looks a lot like the stadium did when it opened up. We’ve added a picnic area down the third base side. But outside of that, it does look very similar to the way it did in 2,000.
Well I think one of the things we’ve got to continue to do is try to make our food service. Continue to step up that game. I mean we’ve added tremendous items in the last three of four years and continue to make it better and better. I think what people are looking for is their entire experience from the time you get here. To have a different type of meal that they have only at the ballpark and enjoy baseball and those sorts of things. I think that’s going to be one of our key issues as we go forward. We knew the video board was going to be a good addition to the ballpark. We had no idea it was going to have the affect it has had on the fans. They have really embraced it and just love it.”
Reporter:”I know you have probably seen some newer minor league parks that have opened. When you go there, what do you notice about them that maybe have an upgrade you wish you had here.”
Said Mozingo:”Well I think what you see a lot is every where in the ballpark you can see the field. In this ballpark if you’re going to get a Coca-Cola, and you’re on the lower side, you can’t see the ballgame. All the new ballparks. Everywhere you are in the building, you can see the field. What I’d love to be able to do is to have that 360-degree walkway we talk about so often. If we could get people where there’s a flow of traffic all the way around the facility. It’s pretty tight up here, but that would be my dream here.”
Reporter:”I know this is kind of a hot property right in the middle of downtown. Do you think this place will be here in 10, 15, or 20 years?”
Said Mozingo:”We enjoy being here right now, but like you said, this is a hot piece of property that a lot of people would like to get their hands on it. If something comes about that way, maybe something does happen.”

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