Lookouts May Have a Superhero in the Lineup in Big Kennys Vargas

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Friday is superhero night at the ballpark, and the Lookouts have a guy in the lineup who is certainly big enough to be a superhero in Kennys Vargas. He’s 6’5, 290-pounds, and he’s also a switch-hitter. Maybe Vargas truly is a superhero.

   When fans see big Kennys Vargas, they often wonder if the native of the Dominican Republic is playing the right sport.
"Any park that I go to the people ask me, oh, are you a football player? I say no, I’m a baseball player."
Reporter-"If he grows up in the states, is he even playing baseball?"
Said Lookouts hitting coach Chad Allen,"I would say probably his high school coach would probably force him to play football, especially if he was from where I’m from in Texas. He would definitely be on the O-line or D-line."
   Imagine how Vargas feels making those minor league bus trips.
"It’s not comfortable. I have to take like four seats."
    Vargas may look like a bus on the bases.
Said Allen,"There are spurts where you will see him go first to third, and you’re like, how did he just do that?"
    Vargas started the season with the Minnesota Twins. He was sent down to Chattanooga to try and improve his numbers. He’s currently hitting .239.
"I’ve been working a lot on my weight or losing weight. Try to work more on my foot work. Try to get back to hitting consistently."
    Lookouts hitting coach Chad Allen believes Vargas can make it back to the show.
"He has an understanding of letting a breaking ball get deep and attacking a fast ball, which is rare for a young kid, and especially a big guy. And for a big man like that to have soft hands is what creates him to be a good hitter. He’s relaxed when he’s hitting. He’s not trying to muscle up and kill the ball."
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