Lookouts Staffers Learn to Tame the ‘Tarp Monster’

Chattanooga-(WDEF) When threatening skies roll in for a Lookouts baseball game, Chattanooga doesn’t have a big enough grounds crew to handle the tarp.
So the call goes out for staff employees to come on down and help try and tame the “Tarp Monster’.
When tarp duty calls for a minor league team like the Chattanooga Lookouts, even the team’s general manager takes part in roll patrol.
Said General Manager Rich Mozingo-“Full time concession employees. Out ticket office people. Our promotions people. It is the front office staff that pulls that. Absolutely.”
Said Ticket Partnership Director Andrew Zito-“You roll it over. You’ve got bugs coming out the bottom. You’ve got that mildew water that just stinks. Old field conditioners that you put your hands on. Yeah, it’s not real fun.”
What really stinks is a wet tarp.
Said Marketing and Promotions Director Alex Tainsh-“After it has rained a good half hour or so, and you have to dump it. That’s when it’s real tough. You need about 15 people or so that will go all the way from the first base line all the way to the wall pulling hundreds of pounds of water. That’s when it can really get those legs burning.”
Imagine holding the tarp when the wind gets it.
Said Tainsh-“Once you even begin to lose control, you just have to let it go because it’s going to rip your arm out of your shoulder or take you with it.”
Added Mozingo-“The bigger issue is when we get it set down on the ground, and we’re ready to go. I always tell people only put one foot on the tarp because the wind will pick up that thing and pick you up off the ground and throw you to the ground.”
Before a Lookouts playoff game last year, the tarp monster came to life, and blew into the stands.
Said Mozingo-“You know 17-hundred pounds of material right into the stands like it was nothing.”
The last thing you want to do is get stuck under that monster.
Said Business and Tickets Operations Director Stacy McCowan-“All I know is I was trying to keep the tarp from flying up above my head. I tried to jump. It just kind of pulled me underneath, and I was just laying there flat-out like I was sliding. I was thinking to myself. Oh my gosh, how can I get out of here. Luckily someone saw it, and they were like hey, she’s under. Help her. I’m okay. I’m still here.” (chuckles)

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