Lots of Emmas and Williams in Tennessee in 2016

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – The folks in the Tennessee Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records have been crunching the numbers.

And they have compiled the list of most popular baby names in 2016.

Once again, William reigns supreme in Tennessee namesakes, for the 10th year in a row.

Emma is once again the top choice for Tennessee girls, for the fifth year in a row.

The new names on the list this year are Amelia, Ella and Charlotte plus Michael, Benjamin and Aiden.

The top 10 names Tennessee parents chose for their new babies born in 2016* are as follows:

Rank Girls
1 Emma
2 Olivia
3 Ava
4 Harper
5 Isabella
6 Amelia
7 Elizabeth
8 Ella
9 Charlotte
10 Abigail

Rank Boys
1 William
2 Elijah, James (tie)
3 Mason
4 Noah
5 Jackson, Liam (tie)
6 John, Michael (tie)
7 Benjamin
8 Aiden
9 Jacob
10 Carter

*provisional data

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