Low turnout in Northwest Georgia for primary run-off elections

Virginia, Alabama and Georgia held elections Tuesday. Virginia has statewide primaries, while Georgia and Alabama have runoffs. In Georgia, four Republican congressional races had runoffs. But, the two biggest races are the Democratic contests for secretary of state and lieutenant governor.

However Whitfield County registrar Mary Hammontree said she did not expect to see high turnout for the run offs. Some precincts had seen as low as four people by 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

“This is the gubernatorial race and this was the gubernatorial race and 2018 where there 4,000 voters showed up in the runoff in that election. But, we had Democrat and Republican contested races,” said Hammontree. “So far today, we’ve had 255 voters all day, through the whole county. My largest precinct. It was 26. I have nearly 6,000 voters in that precinct and 26 voters have shown up.

Hammontree said she expected fairly low turn out because her county is primarily republican.

“Whitfield county is primarily a Republican county by nature. The only thing on the Republican ballot this time is a County School Board. So, the city voters can’t vote in this county school board and that’s what makes the turnout low as far as the Republican turnout. Now, the Democrat turnout there are a couple of races on there actually. They’re not highly contested. So, I’m guessing that maybe why they’re not a big turnout there,” Hammontree said.

This is still a primary runoff, which means you still have to choose a party to vote in Georgia’s November 8th general election.

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