Luther’s Love Of Animals Remembered In Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-The Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga opened in 1910 just a few years before Luther Masingill was born and both spent most of the last century saving the lives of animals.

"I had just brought a dog home that was a lost dog and I was going to foster her, she got out of my fence and I talked specifically to Luther and I think I called and left a message with him and he called back and I left a message with him and then he called back" says Jeanine Cloyd of The Humane Educational Society.

Jeanine said working with Luther was a privilege and says the Humane Educational Society are proud to have an award named in his honor.

"Amazing person, he cared so much, so its devastating, I think his loss is deeply felt throughout the community"

Luther Masingill has been helping pet owners and finding stray animals since the 1940s on WDEF radio.

Staff at the McKamey Animal Shelter say they are in complete shock at the passing of Luther Masingill, they say without him hundreds if not thousands of lives of animals would have been lost both in East Tennessee and North Georgia.

Jamie McAloon, McKamey Animal Shelter,"I wonder whose going to pick up that work and do what what he did for the animals and I am just wondering that and certainly thousands of lives have been saved because of the work he did"

McAloon added that the recent cold weather has brought more attention on pets and stray animals and says pet owner’s can keep Luther’s love of animals alive.

"If you are going to keep that dog outside, we would prefer of course that they let the dog inside but if you are going to keep it outside, make sure it has adequate shelter, against the rain, sleet, snow not just a board leaning against a tree"

Tributes to Luther’s support for animals poured in online and The Humane Educational Society say he will be severely missed at their November and Winter fundraisers and events.

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