Magic Wheelchair reveal creates a real life superhero

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Tennessee Valley teenage girl received her personalized, superhero styled new wheelchair from a nonprofit organization.

For Amelia Stewart, Sunday was the big reveal for her Magic Wheelchair. People at the Nation of Makers Conference cheered as she saw the creation for the first time.

“I just really like Marvel movies and all of the characters and comic books and I guess everything,” said Amelia.

Her wheelchair was Guardians of the Galaxy themed.

Magic Wheelchair builds costumes for kids in wheelchairs at no cost.

“We like to see that the kids our the bosses; whatever they want, we build custom to their wheelchair” said Christine Getman, with Magic Wheelchair.

Getman says it is important to do this for the kids.

“I think feeling seen and heard for the right reasons can change the trajectory of someone’s life who is living with a disability,”Getman said.

This effort takes all hands on deck to build, according to project manager Christian Glenn.

“Our fabricator spent like a week working on it. He worked endlessly and tirelessly. He did a great job. I know that the people who worked on the body they spent about 30 to 50 hours,” Glenn said.

Amelia’s mother, Naomi, says this is a dream come true

“She loves comics. She love avengers and I can’t believe they made this for her. She wants to wear it everywhere, to church, to walk around the neighborhood,” Naomi Stewart said.

And she’s thankful an organization like this exists.

“Kids like her always stand out. And sometimes that is okay, but sometimes they feel different, but I think this makes them feel different in just a wonderful phenomenal way. Whether it brings people to come see the costume, come see them and realize they are just like everybody else,” Naomi Stewart said.

Amelia tested out her new wheelchair and plans to show it off at Con Nooga.

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