Major Traffic Pattern Change coming to Market and Broad Street

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Starting Monday morning , drivers will notice a significant shift in the traffic pattern on Broad AND Market Street.

The transition will be part of the I-24 project that proposes to open up the area surrounding the interstate. 

“This project is almost a $32 million project. it will open up that area of town for more development and businesses. Who knows what will go on. It’s a growing area of our town and it’s very much needed,” says Jennifer Flynn, TDOT Communications. 

The 1.6-mile project will remove the loops and ramps that serve as exits and entrances of I-24 East and U.S. 27 to Broad Street, Williams Street and Market Street and replace them with a new one-way ramp and frontage road.

 “It’s also going to include bridge and retaining wall construction along with new traffic signals and lights. Basically what it is going to do is make it easier to get off of I-24 East onto Broad and Market street. It will make it easier and they will have Frontage road instead of the old loop ramps,” says Flynn. 

Access to I-24 East from southbound Market Street will also be affected with the closure of the existing loop ramp to I-24 East.

Traffic will access I-24 East at a temporary signal on Market Street just south of the I-24 underpass.

Luckily most of the construction work will take place OFF of the interstate. 

“ A good deal of the work is taking place off the interstate so it really hasn’t affected very much. It’s the local roads that are affected and not so much the interstate. People who use those roads on a regular basis and do need to be aware of this change,” says Flynn. 

The traffic pattern change will remain in place until the project is complete, which is scheduled for August of 2023. 

The traffic pattern shifts after Monday mornings rush hour around 9am. Please drive slowly and carefully through the area as it will take some time to get used to the changes.


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