Make sure you pile up tornado damage correctly to get it picked up

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – With just four days left for debris pickup, Hamilton County Emergency Management wants to remind everyone how to properly place things near the road.

Make sure you don’t put anything over fire hydrants, storm drains or electrical boxes.

Don’t block mailboxes, driveways or private roads.

All debris needs to be separated into three groups — vegetation, construction or demolition, and metal and electronics.

Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County’s EMA tells us “I have had a lot of people that have called saying, ‘We see all these trucks going by our neighborhood and they’re not stopping to pick up our debris.’ And these homeowners need to understand that there are four different piles of separated debris, and each contractor that is hired, whether you’re in the city or the county, they pick up the assigned assortment.”

June 23rd is also the deadline to apply for federal assistance.

Go to to fill out the appropriate forms.

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