Making a difference for the homeless

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Neighborhood veteran lawn service’s Bryant Ellis use to be homeless living in tent city. Now he runs a lawn mowing service that gives back to the homeless.

“I have 4 to 6 people that work with me every day and it’s a direct result from doing the right thing when no one’s watching,” said Ellis.

He said he was helped out of homelessness and now works hard to provide for myself and those struggling.

“It speaks volumes into it what we as people can do for others because it’s not all about me every day. If I can leave my city in a little better shape than it was, I fulfilled my purpose,” said Ellis.

CEO of the Oatmeal experience Ian Sullivan was out serving his oatmeal to the homeless. Oatmeal is special food to him, because it helped turn his life around.

“Serving oatmeal, for me oatmeal was something that took me out of bad situation I was in and I was able to bring happiness to these people out here today. So I think we provide that experience for Troy and his team to be able to come out here and spend the night and in the morning be able to give the oatmeal. Like I said we got the dance and the high-fives, bringing it back to serving. That’s all we wanna do is serving people and that’s the biggest thing we talk about,” said Sullivan.

Now it’s come full circle for him as he went from struggling to providing.

“It’s rewarding honestly. I never thought from making oatmeal from the pack 30 seconds in the microwave to be an owner of an oatmeal food truck. So it’s rewarding to be able to share my passion and get back to others,” said Sillivan

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