Man found guilty of sexual abuse of stepchildren

LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – A Rossville man has been convicted of various sexual offenses against three minor stepchildren.

A jury found 48 year old Steven Brian Higginbotham guilty of 20 total counts, including rape, aggravated sodomy, sexual battery, incest and child molestation.

Prosecutors say the abuse went on for years.

The investigation began in 2019 when one of the children disclosed the abuse to a softball teammate.

After years of keeping quiet because of threats, the three victims finally faced their abuser at the trial this month.

But they were not alone.

They were accompanied by members of B.A.C.A. – Bikers Against Child Abuse, a charitable worldwide motorcycle association built from biker community members.

Higginbotham was sentenced on Tuesday to serve a life sentence.

The Foster mother of some of the girls stated: “The years of abuse suffered by three young girls at the hand of Steven Higginbotham have finally come to a close. With the guilty verdict from the jury we can close the door on fear and focus on growing and healing. The most important outcome of the guilty verdict is that Steven Higginbotham cannot hurt any other children in the future.”

District Attorney Chris Arnt concluded “Our country has an under-incarceration problem when it comes to dangerous sex predators. I am proud to say that we make it an absolute priority in this office to aggressively prosecute child molesters and all sex offenders.”

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