Man Involved In Officer Shooting Killed By Police

ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WDEF) – Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk confirmed that the suspect engaged officers several times with gunfire before being shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

He says that the extent of the manhunt for Christopher Kitts was something that no one in law enforcement saw coming.

“It was unprecedented. One, all the different agencies, different states. Local, state, federal officers all coming together. Coming under a unified command and working together. No issues of this is my backyard or anything like that. We were all there for a common goal and that was to make sure that this threat didn’t go any further in our community and to make sure that all those officers went home safe,” says Kitts.

He shot at aerial drones that were helping find the suspect, and about 45 officers surrounded the perimeter.

He was tracked for about 11 hours, and officers used night vision.

Police heavily searched the wooden area near Lake Winnie amusement park. That’s where News 12 reporter Joeli Poole heard several shots fired.

The shooting and manhunt had residents of East Ridge on edge, including David Love who is a friend of Officer Prescott’s.

“You take a person like that, that gets out in broad daylight and shoots a police officer who is trying to protect us. If someone will do that in broad daylight then they will do anything. As a citizen we dont stand a chance against someone like that. If they will shoot an officer and dont care who sees them do it then they wouldnt think twice about an innocent person,” says Love.

When officers located Kitts he opened fire, and was then shot and killed.

There are no details on why Kitts was initially stop, but it’s confirmed that an empty rifle case was found inside the vehicle.

Suspect Christopher Kitts engaged officers with a high powered rifle, and it’s now confirmed that he had one assault rifle and a pistol.

Officer Prescott is now in stable condition, and it’s unknown why Kitts was initially stopped.

For information on how you can help Officer Prescott’s family, you can make a monetary donation through GoFundMe or purchase a t-shirt through Vinyl Turtle Boutique. All proceeds will go to the family of Officer Prescott.

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