Man Returns bag with Nearly $700 Inside to Rightful Owner

Cleveland, TN (WDEF) – Aaron Hyden, and his wife, are showing their three young children how to do the right thing with a first-hand lesson.

It all started just two days ago, when Hyden and his children went four-wheel riding in their neighborhood, “And me and my son decided we’d go take a walk to the woods, in our backyard. So we walked quite a way.” That’s when Hyden said he stumbled upon a little brown pouch, with a pair of reading glasses, a Medicare card, and nearly $700 inside.

Hyden quickly turned to the Internet to search for the pouch’s owner, and it didn’t take Hyden long to find the man, “Well I called him –told him I found your Medicare card I wanna return it to you.”

But what the man didn’t know was that Hyden was also returning the money.
Today, Hyden, his wife and their three children stopped by that man’s house to surprise him with both the Medicare card, the glasses and the cash, “This was a great way to show my boy that if you find something that’s lost try to find out who’s it is. Do the right thing.”

The owner of the pouch seemed more than happy to get his belongings back, especially the money. He told Hyden that he actually misplaced it nearly three years ago, back in 2012.

And at the end of the day, Hyden said he wants everyone to remember three things: be kind, have courage and always do the right thing.

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