Man Shot By Cleveland Police Was Sex Offender

CLEVELAND, TN. (WDEF-TV) — Cleveland police are looking for a suspects in a the stabbed incident Tuesday night near a Walmart store.
Police got conflicting stories when they interviewed those involved.
The incident actually happened when one car deliberately rammed another on the road leaving the Walmart on Treasury Drive.
The two vehicles crashed into a guard rail and a man from the second vehicle ran to the other car and stabbed the driver in the abdomen through an open window.

OFFICER EVIE WEST, CLEVELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT "There were two other witnesses in the victim vehicle. It was a young man and a young lady. They were both brought here to the police department for questioning. If you look at the arrest report there definitely were some discrepancies." >

Chris Bailey was identified as the stabbing victim.
He was treated at a local hospital.
The store’s surveillance video showed that the woman in his car, Margaret Fish, had been sitting in the suspect vehicle shortly before the stabbing.

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