Man Spreads Message of Peace with Pet Goat “Deer”

A goat on the roof of a car turned lots of heads in Chattanooga.
And here’s proof.
You can see Eric Brown’s goat tied to his car on the side of 33rd Street, right next to the Channel 12 studios.
Brown was sleeping inside the vehicle.
After he was told to move by a Chattanooga Police office, he came by the station to tell his side of the story.
Brown says his goat named “Deer”, is a service animal he uses to help bring people together and promote world peace.
He hopes to start a Festival during Earth Week in April.

“Because I want to bring all the people together to try to come up with solutions to all the world’s problems, you know? And because there are a lot of problems in the world, and you know we need to take a , uh, you know I think a festival to try to address some of these problems, and to try to come up with solutions would be a really beautiful idea,” Brown told our reporter.

Brown’s organization is called the Rock Club Foundation. He wants people to visit his facebook page, and also he hopes to get funding to buy a van for his cross county tour, since the small car is cramped for both him and his goat.

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