Man starts petition to bring EPB fiber to Flintstone

FLINTSTONE, Georgia (WDEF) – A man in Flintstone, Georgia has started a petition to help his community.

Tyler Broome wants to bring EPB into their area.

He says right now they only have access to Comcast or AT&T as a provider for internet or cable.

Several residents have signed the petition since it started nearly 2 weeks ago.

Right now, EPB has a rule to uphold that will not allow them to expand out of their 600 square mile service territory.

That’s what he wants to change.

Broome says he just wants to help his community save money.

“The residents would have better access to internet deals and they would also have faster internet. Everybody that I have seen or posted on it, desperately wants EPB. I don’t think I have seen one negative comment about them expanding.”

Right now the signature has over 400 signatures.

You can check out the petition here.

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