Man survives trees falling on him in storm

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A Chattanooga man’s family is thankful he is alive, after a close call during a weekend storm.

With the kids all home from school for the summer, it’s a busy day in the May household. Frank May says it’s even a little more hectic with the aftermath of Saturday’s storm.

“We haven’t had anything like this happen to this extent, so the public adjuster came by yesterday and the insurance is coming by today,” May said.

The storm left debris in their yard and damaged their back porch.

Frank says he was in the porch area cleaning up and organizing some of the pillows, when two trees came crashing down.

“And at that point I couldn’t run, I was trapped. I kind of put my hands over my head and let the tree take me down. I kind of folded underneath it,” Frank May said.

Somehow he was able to crawl out with no significant injuries.

“I wound up laying down on my side and it tipied over me and the tree. It pretty much missed me, except for my leg. I walked out with just a scratch on my back,” he said.

Frank’s wife, Nicole, thought the worst.

“It happened so quickly. I didn’t have a full thought. It was almost, really the only thing I thought was my husband is dead,” Nicole May said.

She was overwhelmed with emotion.

“I think I lost it and I may have traumatized my children more than the actual events,” Nicole May said.

She’s thankful and calling this situation a miracle.

“It was a gift that he was able to walk out of something that looked unsurvivable to me,” she said.

Frank is still taking in everything that happened.

“Every time I look out there though, it becomes more shocking,” he said.

The Mays were told the process of fixing the damage could take months.

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