Man visits Chickamauga on quest to visit all national parks

CHICKAMAUGA, Ga. (WDEF) — A man quit his job and hit the road to accomplish a goal of travelling to all of the country’s 411 national parks

But for Mikah Meyer, it wasn’t just about becoming the youngest person to accomplish this feat.

After he lost his father, he vowed to complete the ultimate road trip to honor him.

And of course this brought him to the Chickamauga national park.

After visiting the park he spoke at the Grace episcopal church about his journey and the motivation to speak across the county.

“My dad was a prominent figure in our state and maybe people needed to know that that pastor could have a gay son. And so whoever you are, whatever your differences whatever the world tells you whether you are LGBT whether you are physically able, mentally able, your a different race, or immigration status. whatever the world tells you to make you feel unworthy. I’m here to remind you through the gospel, through Jesus’s example, not only are we worthy of God’s love, but God’s works are being revealed through our differences,” he said

He says he hopes to continue to speak out about being both Christian and gay as he completes this journey.

Follow his journey on his Facebook page: Mikah Meyer – Travel Beyond Convention.

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