Man wants dog gone after it killed his dog near his granddaughter

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) –  A Chattanooga man expressed concerns Friday after a dog killed his dog with his young granddaughter nearby.

Rick Weber said it happened Tuesday afternoon when his wife and daughter were walking their two dogs and pushing his 5-month-old granddaughter in a stroller.

They were on highland drive, and passed a home with an unleashed Mastiff sitting on the front porch.

“That dog bolted from the porch, and it attacked our Siberian Husky male mix and mauled him to the point where he needed a leg amputation,” Weber said.

He said his 10-year-old dog named “Boomer” had to put down a day later, because of the injuries.

“One or more people exercised absolutely terrible judgment.  My granddaughter could’ve been mauled to death.  The next time my daughter wants to walk her baby through the neighborhood, how is she supposed to protect it?  Is she supposed to carry a baseball bat with her?,” Weber said.

The other dog owner, 82-year-old Iva Heisler, said her son gave her the 9-year-old Mastiff named “Dozier” in March.

She said she’s never seen it act aggressive before.

After the incident, she said she got a citation for having an uncontrollable dog, and the dog was impounded.

“I’m sorry about his dog. I wouldn’t hurt his dog for nothing,” Heisler said.

However, Weber said he wants the dog gone for good.

“I’m trying to be calm about it, but I will be relentless in pushing to have the offending dog humanely put down,” Weber said.

Heisler said she doesn’t want the dog to be put down, but said if she’s allowed to keep it, it won’t be living with her.

A court date is scheduled in June to discuss the matter.

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