Marion Co Taking “College” Team to State Title Game

Jasper, TN-(WDEF) As Marion County prepares for the 2A state title game on Saturday, head coach Joey Mathis must think he’s taking a college team to Cookeville.
Several of his players are already taking college classes.
It’s all apart of a dual enrollment exercise at Chatt State, who have a satellite campus in Kimball.
Marion County coach Joey Mathis appreciates the dedication of his players who split their time between high school and Chatt State.
Said Mathis:”They come here for our early morning weights that we all do together. Then they leave here and go to Chattanooga State for their dual enrollment classes. Then they come back after that. Then they take their classes here. We have several that do that.”
Said linebacker Eli Morrison:”It gives you that feel that you are not really in high school anymore. It’s like I said, it’s definitely a lot more challenging.”
Mathis:”It’s a blessing and a curse. The curse being that when we were out of school for Thanksgiving, they still had Chattanooga State classes, so we had to work around their schedules.”
Said running back Hunter McClain:”It’s kind of cool being at a top level in both academics and sports. It is kind of cool.”
Said lineman Alex Kirkendoll:”Our coaches they preach it every day that we need to take class work just as important as on the field. That’s what is going to get us on later in life.”
Said Mathis:”Our ACT scores for this senior class are unbelievable. We have several 25’s, 27’s, 29’s, 30’s. When you put that together with tehir love for the game, it makes my job a lot easier.”
Mr. Football Award winner Alex Kirdkendoll has a 4.0 GPA.
He’s expecting a visit from an Ivy League school.
Reporter:”Do you think people will be surprised that an Ivy League school is coming to Marion County to check out a football player?”
Said Kirkendoll:”I think it can be surprising to a few, but I mean they know we have high expectations here.”
The Warriors believe their work in the classroom only makes them better on the gridiron.
Said Kirkendoll:”Whenever you wrap yourself around people like this it leads you to do greater things as well. I couldn’t ask for any better.”

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