Marion County woman arrested after dog attacks deputy

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Marion County woman is in jail after being accused of letting her pit bull attack a deputy.

On Sunday night a Marion County Sheriff’s Office patrol officer responded to a call in Sequatchie at a home on Pine Street for domestic assault. Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett says when the officer opened the door a pit bull attacked him.

“He bit him on the leg and he said it lunged at his throat he used his hands as a defensive nature. He had bite wounds on his hand,” Sheriff Burnett said.

The patrol officer went to the hospital for injuries on his hand. He was back at work on Monday. The dog’s owner, Tiffany Foshee was arrested for interfering with a police investigation, but she could face more charges.

“At some point we hope to talk to the district attorney’s office and upgrade the charge. It may not get done, but I guess it comes down to the dog just got loose or she let it loose. That is a question that may have to be settled in court,” Sheriff Burnett said.

Sheriff Burnett says deputies have responded to calls at her house several times before. He says this is the first time there was an incident with the dog.

“I don’t know the history of this dog. I don’t know if he was violent or not, but he turned out to be.”

He is hoping this serves as a reminder for people to control their pets.

“Dogs, they are aggressive. I think the proper thing to do is to keep them up, put them in a pen or something don’t let them run loose.”

Foshee’s mother says her daughter was trying to hold back the dog.

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