What did Marjorie Greene tell Republicans behind closed doors?

WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faced down fellow Republicans on Wednesday in Washington even as Democrats continued their campaign against her.

The Northwest Georgia Representative met with the House GOP conference committee behind closed doors.

Earlier, she met with House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy.

While he said he disagreed with many of her statements, he is declining to take any discipline against her for them.

But Democrats are pushing for a vote on Thursday that would strip her of a committee assignment.

Neither Greene, nor her fellow Republicans commented publicly on what happened at the committee meeting.

But The Hill reports is was a stormy session.

However, when it was over, some fellow Republicans gave her a standing ovation.

The Hill offered these details from unnamed parties in the meeting.

— Greene apologized for past comments and her curiosity over QAnon conspiracies

— denied knowing what Jewish space lasers are (she has been accused of blaming them for the western wildfires)

— defended her statements on staging school shootings by saying she had personal experience with such a shooting

The Representative was unusually quiet Wednesday on Twitter about the House actions, but she is raising money to fight them.

She tweeted that she has gotten $175,000 in donations.

The party remains split on Greene and on-going influence of members who backed former President Trump’s stolen election narrative.

She did get the standing ovation from some backers.

But others, like Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer, are keeping their distance.

He says expelling Greene goes too far, but he doesn’t think she should sit on an education committee.

“it would be very hard for me if I was over there and going to cast a vote to think that- while I would honor the current congressional district’s right to elect her and send her to House of Representatives- that I could support somebody to be on the Education Committee that doesn’t believe that school shootings are really school shootings.”

“Is she a good face for the Republican Party? She is not.”

The House Wednesday evening also easily turned back a challenge to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from a leadership position.

The vote was 145-61.

Cheney angered many Republicans by voting for the impeachment of the former President and saying it was time for him to accept defeat.

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