Marjorie Greene’s opponent quits November race

(WDEF) – The Democrat who was challenging Marjorie Taylor Greene for a slot in Congress in November has suddenly dropped out of the race.

Kevin Van Ausdal says he is moving out of the state.

Greene and Ausdal are running to replace Tom Graves in the northwest Georgia congressional district.


It is still up in the air what Democrats can do now about the race.

Van Ausdal thinks the party can still pick a replacement but state election officials say the 60 day window has closed for replacements.

In fact, early voting begins in just a month and absentee ballots are already going out.

The Georgia Democratic party says they will ask that Van Ausdal be disqualified because he is moving out of the district, which would allow them to pick a replacement candidate.

Party officials say they are offering him condolences in a difficult time.

Meanwhile, Congressman Graves had an announcement of his own today.

He is stepping down early when Congress finishes their current work this fall.

“With the House planning to wrap up the People’s business and the final report from the Modernization Committee set to be filed in the next few weeks, I intend to step down from Congress and begin the next chapter of life in October. Congress is going into a long recess and my committee work will be complete. In short, my work will be done. I’m announcing this today to avoid surprises, and it just doesn’t seem right to kill time on the taxpayer dime.

“I plan to finish strong and will ensure any important transitional items are complete for my constituents in the 14th District. One of the last votes I’ll cast as a U.S. Representative will be in support of the reforms crafted by the Modernization Committee to make Congress work better for those we serve. I can think of no better way to leave The People’s House.”

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