Mark Kaylor takes the stand in his own defense; trial coming to a close

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Day two of the Mark Kaylor criminal trial featured more testimony from witnesses, testimony from Kaylor, and a protestor kicked out of the courtroom.

The jury first heard testimony from Red Bank reserve police officer Tim Brown who was one of several officers who attempted to take Candido Medina-Resendiz into custody in the early morning of April 14, 2014.

“When I put my hands on him, that’s when it was like a light switch. He has his hands up and turns his left elbow. When he turned, I moved back and that’s when everything went to heck. We all went to the ground,” Brown said.

He was referring to the moment when he tried to pat down Resendiz for weapons. Resendiz was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over by Officer Mark Kaylor. The driver was arrested for DUI. Kaylor told other officers to detain Resendiz, but the prosecution raised questions over whether Resendiz understood the officers.

“Did you ever here him speak English,” asked the prosecutor. “I did not,” Brown replied. “Did you ever speak Spanish to him,” asked the prosecutor. “No,” Brown said.

The incident was captured on Kaylor Dash Camera. At one point, Kaylor is seen punching Resendiz in the head several times. Those punches led to a Resendiz being diagnosed with a fractured eye socket.

Detective Jerry Rogers is a use of force instructor who gave testimony based on what he saw in the video.

“Officer Kaylor uses several strikes. Do you find those strikes to be appropriate? I found them to be outside the range of objectionable reach of what we teach, so no I do not find it to be appropriate,” Rogers replied.

Another expert on use of force testified.

“To me it’s reasonable. If there had been a complaint, it would have come to internal affairs and he would have been exonerated,” he said.

It was during that testimony when a loud outburst came from a protestor sitting in the back of the courtroom. The protestor was immediately kicked out of the room.

Then the last person to testify was Kaylor himself.

“Out of the corner of my eye I see his face turn like he’s going to bite right here. His mouth was coming open towards me. At that point, I strike. Why did you strike. I felt I had to protect myself and get this thing over with as quick as possible,” Kaylor said.

Then he was grilled during cross examination.

“After a third hit you didn’t access and see if you could get his arm back behind him and cuffed. He was still resisting sir. After a fourth hit, you didn’t access and see if you could get the arm cuffed. He was still resisting. Then again, after the fifth, sixth, and seventh. After the seventh, he quit resisting and he was placed into custody,”

Kaylor is now facing a charge of aggravated assault and official misconduct.

The day before he was indicted, he resigned from the Red Bank Police Department.

The trial continues Thursday morning with closing arguments before jury deliberation and a verdict.

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