Mask Up Monday in Walker County

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- Walker County officials gave away more than 8 thousand masks at the Civic Center Monday morning.

Even though local governments in Georgia cannot require people to wear masks, it doesn’t mean they can’t recommend them.

“One way to encourage folks to consider using a face covering was to just give it to them” said Walker County’s Public Relations Director Joe Legge says

Legge said masks are also important, because some people may be reluctant to get tested, “We feel like there is a number of people who are just staying home and are not going to get a confirmed test.”

News 12 had a chance to talk to people here to receive mask and they tell us why this mask giveaway is so important.

“We’re both on fixed incomes and it really helps us a lot” said a man in the drive-thru line.

“It helps out a lot. Especially reusable types because it’s hard to breathe out of this one, and I’m on disability, so it helps me out a lot” said another man in the drive-thru line.

25 hundred masks were given away at the Rossville City Hall site.

Legge says because of the great turnout, it’s possible more giveaway events coud be scheduled in the future.

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