The Masters Life 2019 – Epi. 4

Hi, I’m Mike Anthony and this is The Masters Life.

Well, we’re back here on the grounds at Augusta National Golf course and in our last segment of The Masters Life, we talked to a first-timer – seeing the course for the first time.  Now we’re going to talk to a long-timer.

I’m here with Rich Miller. He’s been coming here for a few years and has some great stories.  If you could Rich, just talk about your experiences over the years here.

Sure. Every year I always make a point to come in and check out the driving range first. Of course, there’s Amen Corner. I enjoy seeing the blooms, the flowers in bloom and the golfers trying to navigate that corner. And then hole 16 where they skip it. That’s always a great thing – a must-see, most definitely.

I know you’ve seen a lot, but you’ve also got some friends and family who maybe have gotten an even more intimate experience, almost a behind-the-ropes experience. If you could, talk a little about that.

Well, I have a friend who especially loves to show where Bubba Watson hit it into the rough at 18.  He always enjoys seeing that and I had a chance to be there that year. That was amazing.

But also through my sons. My sons have had opportunities being local to work Augusta National.  They’ve had a chance to interact with some of the golfers over the years. They share some of their experiences.  They’ve seen more a behind-the-scenes perspective of the tournament.  A great experience for them and for me to listen to their stories as their dad.

So Augusta National, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some, it’s a many times in a lifetime for you. But no matter how many times you’ve been here, plenty of things to see.  The more you come, the more you get to see.  So, whenever you get a chance, be sure to make it out here.

Rich, thanks for stopping by. Maybe we’ll see you again next year.

I’m Mike Anthony and this is The Masters Life.

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