Mayor adjusting roadblock plan to keep outsiders away from Andrews

ANDREWS, North Carolina (WDEF) – Andrews city mayor James Reid of North Carolina is taking drastic measures to stop the spread of COVID -19 in his counties by blocking travelers from entering the city.

The mayor is setting up checkpoints along every entry way, and only allowing entry to locals with valid identification proving an address in Cherokee County or neighboring counties.

All others will be turned away.

He is doing so in response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in his area.

Mayor James Reid said in his post “If you don’t have to get out and you don’t have to travel stay in Andrews.”

“Everyone’s telling me I can’t get out of Andrews, I can’t get out of Andrews, that’s ok.”

“We’ve opened up all the outlets to where you can get out of town, we’re just blocking them from coming in.”

Some have expressed this order is wrong and even unconstitutional, while many others are giving him praise for keeping their small community safer.

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