Mayor Berke on “Point of View”

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) –  Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke says he’s working with prosecutors to try to and keep criminals off the streets.
The city’s Violence Reduction Initiative has come under fire for not doing enough to stop gang violence.
The V.R.I. looks at the problem of violence through multiple programs.
The goal is to identify violent criminals.
It encourages community policing, and gets law enforcement involved in the lives of those who commit crimes.
But many people arrested under the program are quickly put back out on the streets.
On the public affairs program, “Point of View,” Mayor Berke defended the program.
“We’ve become more focused. We know more about the people who are causing the problems, and we are more aggressive than ever at bringing them to justice.”
The Mayor points out that other cities are seeing huge spikes in homicides compared to Chattanooga.
Berke says the police are working with prosecutors to try to keep violent offenders off the streets.
“We have to continue to try to get arrests on the people we know are driving the violence, that are more severe so we get higher punishment.”
You can see “Point of View” this Saturday at 6:30 a.m. on News 12.

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