Mayor Berke talks about reopenings and Hispanic Covid-19 cases

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Mayor Andy Berke gave an online briefing today, to remind Chattanoogans that even though it’s a holiday weekend and most businesses are reopened, they still need to remain vigilant about the virus.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop the details.

Mayor Berke discussed the budget, pay cuts, and how families can help reduce their energy bills.

“LiveHeat gives people a credit on their energy and so we are encouraging people to make sure that they are still applying for Initiatives like LiveHeat”

Mayor Berke wanted to keep restaurants and other businesses in the city closed, while those in the county reopened.

But the Governor left it up to the county’s Health Department to make the call.

“I’m concerned about this particularly with the numbers that we are seeing. If you look at what the CDC recommendations are if you go back and see what our restart task force put together it was all premise on the idea that we slowly loosen restrictions.”

Berke also mentioned that he is concerned about the Hispanic population and making sure they informed about Covid-19.

“We’re seeing in the numbers that people in the Latin X community need to hear the message that it is incredibly important for them to wear a mask.”

When asked his thoughts on the upcoming holiday weekend, the Mayor says things are not back to normal just yet.

“Don’t act like it is this weekend. I love Memorial Day. I love hamburgers and hotdogs and going out and grilling. All those things are apart of my life and the way I grew up.”

In Chattanooga, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.

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