Mayor Coppinger talks local issues with lawmakers

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger hosted a legislative breakfast this morning.

State Lawmakers as well as Hamilton County Commissioners, Constitutional Officers, school board members and other invited guests attended.

Mayor Coppinger presented a wide range of topics he’d like to see addressed this year in Nashville.

County Mayor Jim Coppinger highlighted a lengthy list of items he hopes to get help on from Nashville this year, from consideration of Basic Education Program funding, to the funneling of internet sales taxes to the county.

“This is something Dr. Johnson and I have been discussing, is teacher pay and being able to get a good outstanding teacher in front of every student in our public school system. We’ve got great teachers out there, what they need is more resources, and so that was part of our ask as well, moving forward, in funding the BEP.”

New State Representative Yusef Hakeem says that as a newly appointed member of the commerce committee, he hopes to be able to bring some of the internet tax revenue back to Hamilton County.

“It’s something I’ve been interested in for many years, and hopefully, our county can take advantage and have some assistance out of that. Because I think it is something that’s, been overdue.”

Representative Mike Carter is hoping that, depending on a favorable outcome in the pending opioid law suit against pharmaceutical companies, some of those funds would be directed to the local level.

REP. MIKE CARTER, (R) Dist. 29, Chattanooga:
“There was an enormous offer already made, one of the beauties of our attorney general, the system we have in Tennessee is that most of the states in the nation are allowing Tennessee to lead the charge in the opioid national litigation, and there will be incredibly large sums of money issued in that, is my opinion.”

“We take our responsibility back to the local level very seriously and we’ll look at each piece of legislation that the mayor and other folks in the administration have looked at and try to be as helpful as we can be.”

“So far we’ve over-collected revenues which means there should be some additional funding available, but, as always, we may have two or three hundred million dollars of over-collections, and we’ll probably have ten or twenty times that in requests, so it’s always going to be a question of prioritizing.”

The County should know by this summer whether or not it will receive additional funding.

In Chattanooga, Ashley Henderson, News 12 Now.

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