Mayor Kelly Returns From White House to Discuss Infrastructure Bill, Senator Hagerty Weighs In

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Mayor Kelly just returned from the White House. “When the White House calls, it’s the President so you go.”

Kelly says of the ten new mayors invited, he represented the smallest city, getting to learn about the infrastructure bill alongside mayors from cities like Atlanta and Seattle. Congress passed a $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, claiming the funds will help a multitude of vital services like transportation and utilities throughout cities.

“Could mean a great number of things and that’s why we were there. We heard from the Secretary of Urban Development, the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Labor and Gina McCarthy who is in charge of climate policy. I think they wanted mayors to know and hear from his, infrastructure dollars, the build back better plan if that passes in the new year, the resources are there to solve some of our most urgent problems,” says Mayor Kelly.

Mayor Kelly wasn’t able to provide a dollar amount or what infrastructures would receive the funds in Chattanooga. Fixing the city’s roadways and bridges have dominated recent campaign promises in many local elections. U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty remains skeptical of the $1 trillion dollar bill, calling it “a tool to advance big government socialism.”

“When people in Tennessee think about infrastructure, we’re thinking about hard infrastructure. Roads, bridges, airports, waterways. What was in this bill was a smattering of that. I think 23 percent in total. The remainder of the bill was the green new deal and other provisions that have very little to do with infrastructure. It was social spending programs that the Biden administration has been pushing, again more government dependence and putting fuel on an inflationary fire that’s already raging,” says Senator Hagerty.

As the allocation of the funding to the Scenic City becomes clear, News 12 will keep you updated.

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