Mayor Kelly’s budget presentation to Chattanooga City Council

Chattanooga, Tennessee (WDEF) – Mayor Tim Kelly and his office presented its 2021-2022 fiscal year Budget to City Council.

Mayor Kelly said there will not be an increase in tax rate due to cutting unnecessary spending.

He says it would be a 2.7 cent tax decrease.

Even though the tax rate will go down, people will be paying more if their property values went up.

Kelly and his office say they made a special focus on increasing the number of firefighters and police officers as 30 million dollars will go to increase their compensation due to how they are underpaid compared to other similar cities.

“From there we made significant investments in the compensation to write the ship. This budget invests in our police officers, firefighters, essential workers. We simply must attract and retain top talent. In fact, 100% of the new dollars from this budget are dedicated to correcting the shortfalls in compensation,” said Kelly.

$10 million will be allocated to paving roads, which is a 58 percent increase.

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