Mayor Wamp Agrees to County Commission Resolution on Taylor

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A new chapter in the saga over whether or not Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp can fire County Attorney Rheubin Taylor occurred this afternoon.

The discussion was tense over whether Mayor Wamp would be compliant with a resolution passed by the Commission. Wamp opened his comments by saying, “We’re all here today, because by surprise on Wednesday, you all brought forward this resolution that brought us to here.”

That resolution reinstated County Attorney Taylor’s position, along with granting him back pay, giving him his computer and cell phone back, and access to his office and health benefits. County Commissioners were still frustrated with the resistance they feel like they are facing from Mayor Wamp.

Warren Mackey, county commissioner for District 4, questioned Wamp’s intentions by stating, “If he won’t do his job? This body is not playing games. We have a made a statement… We have made a statement and fully expect that action to be taken.”

The deadline for action by the Mayor was at noon today, which he argued that his team had done by stating, “We didn’t want to frustrate you all any further. We felt like it was in everyone’s best interest given we were coming back for this meeting to restore the pay. We felt like that was an olive branch to you. For the life of me I think I speak for the whole Mayor’s office, and we don’t understand why you’d be upset because we felt for sure like we’ve done everything you’ve asked us to do.”

The dissenting opinions between the two camps were still on full display. In one exchange, Joe Graham, county commissioner for District 2, asked Barret Albritton, an attorney for Weston Wamp, “Do you agree that a resolution that we pass here that goes through the time period that now becomes a law, do you believe that is the law of the land?”

Albritton responded, “A resolution that is passed that is against or contradicts the spirit of the law in my opinion is no law at all.”

With Mayor Wamp saying on a local radio station saying he wants to continue the battle to replace County Attorney Taylor, some commissioners want to move on from the back and forth of this situation. County commission chairman Chip Baker said afterwards, “Our hope and our desire and I think through this process as difficult as it has been for all of us is that we continue to work together and work more cohesively.”


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