McCallie 7’1 Center David Craig Has Obvious Big Impact on the Game

When former Washington basketball coach Marv Harshman was asked if he preferred size or speed on his team. He answered. Quick guys get tired. Big guys don’t shrink. Case in point, McCallie 7-foot-1 big guy David Craig. His presence alone has a huge impact on the Blue Tornado’s opponents.

Said McCallie head coach David Conrady:”People do have to have a strategy for him. It’s not like they just show up and play.”
Said Craig:”I don’t think anybody wants to play me.”

Uhh. Yeah. I mean Craig can almost touch the rim flat-footed. He certainly towers over many defenders.

Said Craig:”I understand that everywhere I go I’m going to have that much attention. I personally actually really enjoy it.”

Sometimes Craig gets too much attention from his own team.

Said Conrady:”Well it’s easy when that shot goes up that some of those guards are just like David it’s going to get it. Let me see if I can run down here and get a layup. So we have to work on that in practice just about every day. Making sure we are gang rebounding the basketball.”

And it’s not unusual to seen opponents literally gang up on Craig.

Said Craig:”I think Boyd is like. That’s one of the most symbolic games. I’m not a high scorer in those games. I have the entire team trying to guard me.”
Said Conrady:”Defensively we try to bring people towards him and let him try to protect the rim.”

Said Craig:”Because of the fact I go into opposing crowds, and I’m always the center of attention every time I do anything. And so when the fourth quarter comes I mean the pressure is there, but I don’t feel it you know. As much as stats are nice, I prefer winning. And I think if we are 18-1, I’m probably doing something right.”

Reporter:”What are you going to do when he leaves?”

Said Conrady:”Retire.” (chuckles)


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