McCallie and Baylor Coaches Discuss Magnitude of Annual Rivalry

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) When it comes to high school football rivalries, it’s hard to top Baylor and McCallie.
Talk about tradition. Their first game was in 1908.
The two head coaches discuss what it’s like being apart of this monster football showcase.

The flags are flying at McCallie.
And the Banners are up at Baylor.
Let the football fun begin.
Except maybe for the two head coaches.
Reporter:”Is this a fun week for you or is it something totally different?”
Said McCallie head coach Ralph Potter:”Fun week? No. It’s not.”
Said Baylor head coach Phil Massey:”You can get consumed in what all is going on. I mean last night they had a movie on campus going on. So you could have kids at 10:30 at night at the Waffle House eating. Well you don’t want your football players there.”
Reporter:”Do you ever honestly try to tell your guys that this is just another game?”
Said Massey:”I don’t say it because they know. (laughs) It’s more. They can look and whether it’s the media. The students. The things that are happening on campus.”
Said Potter:”It changes what the kids think about it when they now that a lot of people are paying attention, so that’s different.”
This game almost feels like a college football rivalry.
Heck they used to play on Saturday afternoon.
Said Massey:”Yeah I feel it gives you that (college) atmosphere just because of all the alumni that come back and the people. They have all the reunions of different classes that come back.”
Reporter:”This almost feel like a college football rivalry?”
Said Potter:”Yes it does. Probably might be bigger.” (laughs)
And yes, the magnitude of this game can have an impact on the players.
Said Potter:”It does happen almost every year. (chuckles) So that’s one reason why in recent years especially you’ve seen a lot of blow-outs. Because I think when you start to lose it, you really lose it. So that’s bad. It has happened. Last time for us was 2015. I mean we were calling plays, and I didn’t recognize anything that was happening out on the field.”
Still, this match-up is something that should be celebrated.
Said Massey:”It’s about the enjoyment of being a high school student. Being part of the pageantry and all the stuff that goes along with a game like this.”

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