McCallie Hitting New Season With White Helmets and Spartan Mentality

Chattanooga-(WDEF) The Blue Tornado will be the ‘New Tornado’ this season. 

McCallie has brand new white helmets.
Said head coach Ralph Potter,"Hey, you’ve got to be bold sometimes. We’re just trying to upgrade a little bit around here. I thought they looked pretty good."
   The players went crazy when they saw the new helmets, and so did the coaches.
Said quarterback JaVaughn Craigh,"We were all jumping up and around. Having a good time. Having fun. Then you see our defensive line coach and our offensive line coach go chest bump each other. The defensive line coach ends up hurt, so it was a great experience up to that point."
   Chest bumps can be as dangerous, and so can the McCallie offense.
They return quarterback JaVaughn Craig and all of his weapons.
Said Potter,"We’ve got most everybody back on the perimeter. Our split ends, running backs, and so forth. Most of those guys are seniors. They’ve been around a long time."
Said receiver Tyler Payne,"This is probably the most speed McCallie has ever had since I’ve been here."
   McCallie may have the speed, but not as much size.
Said Potter,"Well for some reason, we never get big linemen here. We would always love to have guys who are 6’5 and 280 and about five or six of those. I often say we block like the Spartans. We are stronger together than we are singularly."
   Reporter-"Will coach (Potter) ever get in front of the guys and go, ‘This is Sparta’ like the guy from the movie?"
Said Craig,"I remember him doing it at least once."
   Reporter-"He doesn’t look like Gerard Butler though, the guy from ‘300’."
Said Payne,"No, not at all. That guy is a bit more ripped."
   This season, McCallie will go for their first winning record since 2008.
Said Craigh,"I think this team has more confidence than I have experienced here in my three years, and I think that’s what is very special."
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