McCallie RB B.J. Harris Ready to Test His Talents in the SEC at Missouri

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) One of the biggest recruits in our area last week on national signing day was McCallie running back B.J. Harris. ESPN ranked the Blue Tornado senior as the top running back in the state of Tennessee. Next season Harris will get to see how his talents stack up in the SEC after he signed to play college ball at Missouri.

B.J. Harris has always had talent, but he understood it would take something extra to become a D-One college football player.
Said Harris:”I just played like I didn’t have any offers. I just kept my mindset locked in. Focus on the goal of the team and finish the mission with them.”
Said McCallie head coach Ralph Potter:”He really went through a time of struggle. And out of that struggle came a commitment to improve, and it was just a wonderful thing to see. He is probably the most improved player from a sophomore to a senior that I’ve seen in a long time.”
As a sophomore, Harris ran for close to 800 yards.
But in his last two seasons, he’s been right at the 15-hundred yard rushing mark.
Said Potter:”Well he has got a really good combination of size and speed. I mean he’s a big back, but he has got really good speed. He is always going to run hard. He has got great eyes. He really understands offense and especially offensive line blocking. He understands the pace of a run. He has got the speed to break away. He gets to he third level. He’s a great second level cutter.”
Reporter:”What makes you an SEC running back in your opinion?”
Said Harris:”I think I can get mix of every type of running back. I’ve got some speed. I can juke. I can move around. I can catch the ball. I can block, which is really an important factor in the SEC. So I just feel like colleges like Mizzou like that about me.”
Missouri was 11th in the SEC in rushing last season, so it sounds like there might be an early opportunity for Harris to play.
Reporter:”What’s going to be your number one goal once you get to Mizzou this summer?”
Said Harris:”Show my talent.”
Reporter:”How are you going to do that?”
Said Harris:”Weight room. Class room. And on the field.” (chuckles)
Said Potter:”But I think that he should do great things up there, and I’m anxious to see what he can do.”

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