McConkey’s versatility leads ‘Neers to historic season

MURRAY COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — North Murray senior Ladd McConkey does it all. Passes for touchdowns, rushes for touchdowns, returns punts and kicks for touchdowns, and intercepts the ball for touchdowns — Sometimes all in one game.

That’s all not to mention his 4.54 GPA while taking college classes.

“I think without him, it’s hard to win games,” senior Landon Burrell said.

If you’ve seen Ladd McConkey play, you wouldn’t think this is his first year as starting quarterback for North Murray.

McConkey came into Friday’s second round of the playoffs with over 1,500 passing yards, close to 700 rushing yards, and 27 offensive touchdowns.

“When I asked him about playing quarterback, his answer was ‘I’ll play wherever you want me to play.’ And that’s what type of kid he is,” head coach Preston Poag said.

“That’s him,” Burrell said. “He’s the guy who’s going to go out there and make plays, who’s going to score in many different ways and the defense isn’t going to be able to stop him.”

McConkey grew up learning from his dad and brother, who were both quarterbacks. In fact, his brother Hinton started for the North Murray team.

“My biggest inspiration has to be my brother,” McConkey said. “Just growing up, every younger brother wants to grow up and be just like their older brother. I always mess with him and say I’m better than him, but no, he was a great player. Some big shoes to fill, definitely.”

McConkey dominates on the field, and in the classroom as a full time dual enrollment student at Dalton State with a 4.54 GPA.

“Ever since I was little, academics has always been a high priority to me. You have to make time even if you don’t have time. We get out of here late some days but you just got to make time to study,” McConkey said.

“To do that and the schedule that we have, we have long hours and then it jumps into basketball. To have those kinds of grades, he’s a dedicated kid, and a kid that you’d love to be your son,” Poag said.

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