McKamey Animal Center Hosting Free Adoptions Thursday

Mckamey Animal Center is hosting a free adoption event today from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Potential adopters do not have to have an appointment or live in the City of Chattanooga.

There will be social distancing guidelines in place and guests are required to wear a mask.

Mckamey had sheltered pets from two hurricanes this season, and is needing your help to adopt or donate.

“By being able to have this adoption event, we have the capability of getting both hurricane animals as well as animals that have been either owner surrendered or strays or something like that out to a home also,” says Paula Hurn, operations administrator for McKamey Animal Center.

McKamey Animal Center urges you to check online for pets you might want to adopt, before you come

For those that are not able to adopt, you can donate supplies or money to the McKamey Animal Center.

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