McKamey Animal Center welcomes dogs displaced by Harvey

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Local animal shelters are taking in dogs displaced by Harvey.

More than a dozen dogs arrived at McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga from Louisiana on Thursday. They were at a shelter that was overflowing due to Harvey.

“These particular animals that we got right now were already in the shelter before the hurricane hit, so they were trying to move those animals out. Unfortunately this shelter, which was supposed to be a depository for more of the animals coming from Houston ended up flooding itself as well. So they were really in a rush to getting animals, so that is why we had to rush down there,” said Jamie McAloon, Executive Director of McKamey Animal Center.

The 17 dogs are in good spirits.

“Animals are very resilient. These dogs came in. They had a 20 hour car ride back and they are just doing amazing. They are adjusting perfectly,” said Brandi Loy, a volunteer at McKamey Animal Center.


The dogs had vaccinations, flea treatments and assessments.

“So now what we are going to have to do now is get them spade and neutered and they will go up for adoption next week,” McAloon said.

The shelter was already crowded, so community members stepped up and fostered or adopted dogs.

“We were at peak capacity with over 500 animals in the building. So we had to really rush to the people of Chattanooga and say hey help us out, get some of these animals out of here, so we can bring some of the hurricane animals in and they really responded,” McAloon said.

Volunteers appreciate the outpouring of support.

“I have to say the community has came together. It has been amazing to see the amount of support that Chattanooga has given McKamey and they just keep coming and I can not believe that our city is like this, this is just great,” Loy said.

McKamey is expecting more dogs from the Houston area next week.

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