McKamey holds ‘Name Your Price’ adoption event

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – McKamey Animal Center had its “Name Your Price” event to adopt animals today.

That didn’t apply to puppies, or pure breds which are known as ambassadors.

But it is a way to bring some furry friends to your home.

“It’s Black Friday and it’s our way of celebrating Black Friday, it means that people can come in and they can name their price for any of the animals that we have in the shelter. Apart from, puppies, and ambassadors, they stay at their same price,” said “Mo” with McKamey Animal Shelter.

“Our goal is to get as many animals as we can into their forever homes, um, we hope to see many empty kennels tonight, and  that’ll make us feel good,” she added. “It would be our dream for every single animal to be in their forever homes tonight, that would be our absolute dream, but we’re just going to be very grateful for the ones that do get into their forever homes.”

If you missed their Black Friday event, “Mo” says they will have another special event before Christmas to get animals fostered.

She said, “We will be looking at fosters around about Christmas time when we have our HO-HO-Home for the holidays. And we want to get animals out maybe for a couple of nights, just so they can experience what it’s like to be in a home.”

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