McKamey Miracle Dog walks again after hit by car

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Thanks to the dedication of McKamey’s staff and generous donations to the Mary Dube Angel fund, one dog is defying the odds and walking again.

Gracie is McKamey Animal Shelter’s latest sensation.

“She turned out to be this miracle dog that we saved. It makes it all worth it,” said Christy Ha, McKamey’s clinic manager.

Gracie was found on the side of the road after a car hit her. She was unable to move her back legs and tail. After x-rays, doctors thought she might have a spinal cord injury paralyzing her from the waist down.

“We were really concerned that there wasn’t going to be anything we could do for her. But the staff fell in love with this dog and started searching any option they could,” Executive Director Jamie McAloon said.

They found a wheel chair.

“The day we put her in it, she took off and we were just in tears over it,” Ha remembers.

Soon after, the staff noticed she was putting weight on her back legs. Now she using her back legs to walk around the clinic, greeting everyone she sees.

“I think it gives everyone here hope that we can help more animals,” McAloon said.

McKamey is looking for a foster home to take Gracie in so she can finish her treatments, but she’s certainly going to be missed when she leaves.

“She’s going to have a great quality of life. and it’s just made our whole year,” Ha said.

If you’re interested in fostering Gracie, you can contact the McKamey Animal Clinic off Highway 319.

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