McKamey Stops Advertising Breed of Animals

McKamey Animal Center announces a NEW policy for their shelter.
One they’re hoping will lead to more animals getting adopted and find their forever home.
On Monday McKamey Animal Center stopped advertising the breeds of their animals.

“We will no longer be judging them by one breed or another. Almost all of our dogs here are mixes with very little background information. So we were making guesses everyday and most of the time we were wrong”, said Animal Care Supervisor Katie Christie.

“Less than 1% of a dogs DNA is responsible for their looks. So it’s over 99% dogs DNA that goes to everything else. Even if we knew based on what they look like…exactly what the breed was you’re still looking at less than 1% of the dog.”, said Christie.

McKamey said they don’t want to set the dogs up for failure…by have potential owners make unfair judgments based on what may or may not be the correct breed label. We want to start the conversation about their personality and the behaviors that they’ve shown in the shelter.”

Mckamey said that all dogs that enter their adoption doors must pass a test.

“All of the dogs that come up on our adoption floor pass the same temperament test no matter what they look like, no matter what breed they are.”

McKamey currently has 50 dogs available for adoption.

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